• What is Myotherapy?

    What is Myotherapy?

    Myotherapy is a hands-on treatment approach to help decrease pain or stiffness. Through an in depth assessment on posture, movement and ergonomics we can pinpoint your actual source of the problem and treat accordingly.

    Using tools such as massage, dry needling, cupping and stretching we can not only treat areas of pain/stiffness, but we can also relax your entire body helping you feel refreshed, de-stressed and tension-free. Along with the hands on treatment, we also have the knowledge to send you home with specific exercises to correct your posture so that the discomfort you experience decreases dramatically.

    Myotherapy is not only good for pain, but for PREVENTING pain occurring in the first place. Just because you don’t currently experience pain it does not mean you will not benefit from Myotherapy. Often we see people that experience ‘tightness’ in certain areas of their body. Most of the time these people put it down to “that’s just the way they are”, but a lot of the time that is not the case.

    Myotherapy should not be seen as an indulgence or a luxury, but more a necessity for good health and wellbeing. Don’t put off getting that ‘annoying shoulder ache’ or ‘lower back stiffness’ treated anymore. Book a Myotherapy appointment today and you will see for yourself that it is a necessity for getting your body feeling its best.