• Timetable Changes

    Timetable Changes

    Our Term 2 Timetable is now available.  This time we have made a few changes due to participant feedback.

    Some of the changes include:

    1. A New Cardio for Health class on Thursday night
    2. Our existing Cardio for Health class is now at 5:30pm Monday instead of 7pm Monday
    3. Monday Clinical Pilates is now at 6.30pm instead of 6.00pm
    4. Our 6.30am Clinical Pilates class is now on Monday instead of Friday.
    5. Larna will be taking over Kate’s Monday Clinical Pilates Class
    6. Unfortunately the Thursday night Pakenham class will no longer be going ahead

    There may be a few minor adjustments in the coming weeks, so please be patient and PLEASE give us any feedback on extra classes or class times that suit you.

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