• My Strokes and My Recovery

    Originally published: May 05, 2017 by The Stroke Foundation. . My strokes and my recovery  I had my stroke on a Wednesday in September 2013 at the age of 46.  We didn’t realise I was having a stroke. . My husband and I were on holiday and I'd woken up to feed my dog around 6am.
  • My Weight Loss Journey

    My Weight Loss Journey

    Originally published: June, 2015. . Occupation: Primary school teacher . Hobbies: Reading, travelling and exercising . When did you first come to Cardinia Physio and Fitness? I first came to Cardinia Physio and Fitness in September/October 2012. I came shortly after Larna opened after my GP recommended her to me. . Why did you come
  • My Brain Tumour

    My brain tumour and rehabilitation story is neither straightforward nor conventional, so here it is: . Going back a couple of years, pre-surgery, I saw 3 different Drs who all diagnosed sinusitis and prescribed things like anti-allergy sprays, antibiotics, nasal flushes, nasal spays for blocked sinuses and such.  I think I was given 3 lots