About Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy is therapeutic exercise in a warm water pool.  The properties of the water can promote muscle relaxation, reduce the load on the body (by relatively reducing your weight) and reduce pain. These sessions are led by a physiotherapist and are generally on-on-one.
We run our hydrotherapy sessions at Cardinia Life in Pakenham. Prior to hydrotherapy sessions you will need an in-clinic appointment with the physiotherapist to learn about your injury or pain and also to perform a hydrotherapy safety screening.  Following this session the physiotherapist will design a one-on-one program for you.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy

– Use of water as support (buoyancy counteracts gravity)
– Less load on your joints
– Decreased pain due to support
– Decreased muscle tension
– Improved muscle strength and control (water creates resistance)
– Improved joint range of motion
– Improved stability and balance
– Individualised exercise

Conditions that may benefit from Hydrotherapy

Lower back pain
Upper back pain
Post surgical rehabilitation including
– Total Knee Replacement
– Total Hip Replacement
– Rotator Cuff Repair
– Knee arthroscope or reconstruction
Following injuries where you have been non-weight bearing
– Fractures
– Following car accidents
– Foot and ankle injuries

What is the cost?

Hydrotherapy fees are billed as private physiotherapy consultations, however individuals are responsible for their own pool entry fees at Cardinia Life.  We have negotiated a reduced entry rate for our clients.
Our team can assist TAC or Workers Compensation patients to apply for a pool membership so that they can do hydrotherapy both with our physios and in their own time.

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