• EPC Payment Change

    As of Monday 29th May, our EPC payment process will change.

    With continuation of the medicare freeze on allied health consults, unfortunately we are unable to continue bulk billing patients. As we have not increased our EPC prices since we opened in 2012, our out of pocket expense for bulk billing has increased from $8 to $20. We have held off as long as we can, but we have come to the point that we need to increase the price.

    EPC consultations will now cost $62.95, with a $52.95 medicare rebate on the spot, leaving a $10 gap fee for each EPC consultaion. Please take into consideration that $62.95 is significantly less than our private fees. We are doing everything we can do accommodate the people that rely on EPC referrals to access physiotherapy.

    We apologise for any inconvenience.